Cloud & Managed Services

We help enterprises plan their cloud transitions, including their migration to hybrid cloud solutions. Our services include managed cloud infrastructure services and migration to high-performance cloud data centers. 

Cloud Deployment & Migration

We have designed our Cloud Managed Services to suit every business’ unique needs by leveraging our technical expertise coupled with exuberant support. 

Giganetix is your migration partner. We are your strategy, planning, deployment, and governance partner, empowering you to best leverage your adopted cloud platform. Giganetix is here to chart a “smart future” for your enterprise. 

Cloud Deployment & Migration

Consulting & Advisory services

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Migration

Turnkey Deployment

E-mail Migration

Hybrid Model

Optimization & Re-Architecting

Giganetix is proactively working in developing and managing cloud-friendly solutions. We restructure and optimize your cloud solutions in consonance with your business applications requirements to ensure visibility, scalability, and cost controls. Consumption-based models let your business use only as much resource as required using our services, and budget management tools to optimize resources and reduce costs. 

We will end-to-end manage your migration requirements. We are your strategy, planning, deployment, and governance partner by empowering you to best leverage your adopted cloud platform. Giganetix is committed to all your requirements here to chart a ‘Smart Future’ for your enterprise. We offer: 

Optimization & Re-Architecting

Performance Tuning

Capacity Rightsizing

Introduce Value Added Services (SaaS)

Solution Re-Design/ Re- Architecture

Cost Efficiency

DevOps implementation

Managed Services

Managed cloud services are designed to manage your cloud resources or infrastructure. Managed cloud services are designed to help you maximize cloud benefits while minimizing costs. 

Businesses are challenged by advancements in technology, newer methods of marketing, and growing customer expectations. Businesses increasingly need to innovate and transform themselves to align with today’s environment. With our Cloud Managed Services, you can have someone else manage your cloud infrastructure and services to get fast, scalable, and reliable support. This frees your valuable resources to focus on your core business. 

Managed Services

NOC as a Service

Incident, Problem, Change, Capacity, Availability, Configuration Management

Service Automation

Best Practices implementation

Build & Release Management

Weekly Reporting & Dashboards

Continuous Service Improvement

BCP – DR & Orchestration (DR as a Service)

Cloud Security

We enable our clients to secure Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud enterprise environments with a single, integrated platform for next generation security. We offer technology to combine unified threat management and stateful behavioral analysis technology with Security Fabric to provide protection for your Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud assets. 

We provide services that can help organizations in protecting their critical assets. Our cloud services consider the ever-changing environment of the cloud and its applications, offering complete protection to users accessing these assets. We deploy necessary security provisions to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, account compromises, and other risks associated with cloud computing. 

Managed Services



Incident Response

Identity & Access Management

Data Protection

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Solutions & Services

Giganetix has strategic tie-up with the following and list is growing every day.   

  1. AWS 
  2. Microsoft Azure 
  3. Google Cloud 
  4. Tata Communications IZO Cloud 
  5. Yotta 
  6. NxtGen