Virtualize. Secure. Deliver.

Accops enables organizations to consolidate & secure their
IT infrastructure through VDI and remote access technologies

Cloud Deployment & Migration

The world is highly mobile than it has ever been. On one side, businesses are striving hard to catch up with the growth but
uncertainty in the economy has forced businesses to keep their costs down. The new motto for IT teams within organizations is to
innovate to reduce operational expenses while increasing productivity and efficiency of systems.
The tradition way of application and desktop computing includes heavy investment in thick PCs, network & security infrastructure
and incurs high operational costs. Thick PC based computing lacks mobility, flexibility, agility and operational efficiency which is
very critical for the organizations to increase the productivity.

Accops’ VDI and remote products helps organizations to

Increase Security

Reduce Cost

Enable Mobility


Application & Desktop Virtualization (VDI) and Endpoint device management

  • Virtualize & Deliver any business application over
    Microso RDS or Linux Terminal Server
  • Deliver Virtual Hosted Desktop (VDI) using any
    Application & Desktop Virtualization (VDI)
    and Endpoint device management
  • Deliver Shared Hosted Desktops over Microso RDS
    and Linux Terminal Server
  • Manage thin clients and user devices
  • Driverless printing and support for any peripheral
  •  Anywhere, Anytime access to business applications &


Secure Remote Access Gateway (SSL VPN)

Secure remote access to web applications, client-server
applications, file-share and any other business
application installed on user PC
• Endpoint security scan of user device
• Secure Access to Business Application & Data using
• Strong authentication, authorization and audit enabled
remote access gateway
• Integrated Multi-factor Authentication


VDI enabled hardware endpoint.
• Reduce PC Management & Lower TCO for Endpoints
• Adopt Green Computing, reduce energy consumption
and e-wate
• Control endpoints from Data center
• VDI optimized Zero Client & Thin Client
• Endpoint device information
• Kiosk mode configuration for Virtual Application &


Multi-factor authentication for any service.
• Secures every point of access with two factor
• Detailed auditing & Monitoring
• SMS, Email, So token for PC Support & Mobile
• Two factor authentication based on One-TimePassword, biometric
• Solution for identity the & impersonation


Convert PC into managed Thinclient
• Reduce OS Licensing Cost
• Re-use existing PC hardware as thin client
• Implement Linux to reduce endpoint threats
• Driver less printing and supports all peripherals
• Convert old Windows PC as locked down device


Clientess, anywhere anytime access
• Supports driver less printing
• Enable zero management delivery of business
applications to unmanaged PC
• Enable Chromebook, any smart phone & tablets
• Anywhere, anytime access to Virtual hosted
applications& desktops (VDI) & RDP based access•